SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS p.product_id as 'product_id',

					p.image as 'p.image',

					p.price as 'p.price', as '',

					ms.seller_id as 'seller_id',

					ms.nickname as 'ms.nickname',

					mp.product_status as 'mp.product_status',

					mp.product_approved as 'mp.product_approved',

					mp.number_sold as 'mp.number_sold',

					mp.list_until as 'mp.list_until',

					p.date_added as 'p.date_created',

					p.date_modified  as 'p.date_modified',

					pd.description as 'pd.description'

				FROM oc_product p

				INNER JOIN oc_product_description pd


				LEFT JOIN oc_ms_product mp


				LEFT JOIN oc_ms_seller ms

					USING (seller_id)

				WHERE 1 = 1 AND ms.seller_id =  238 AND pd.language_id =  2 AND product_status IN  (1) GROUP BY p.product_id HAVING 1 = 1  ORDER BY ASC